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Urologic Disorders

Study Links Subclinical CAC to Nephrolithiasis

Nephrolithiasis is associated withcoronary artery calcification (CAC) inadults without known coronary heartdisease (CHD), researchers reportedonline ahead of print in the AmericanJournal of Kidney Diseases.  Seolhye Kim, MD, MSc, and colleaguesat Sungkyunkwan UniversitySchool of Medicine in Seoul, SouthKorea, studied 62,091 asymptomaticadults without known CHD. Individualswho had nephrolithiasis had a higherprevalence of CAC than those whodid not…

Nephrology-Urology Teamwork Sensible

A number of patients referred to my faculty ambulatory clinic at the University of California Irvine have urologic disorders, including some who underwent partial or radical nephrectomy. Many patients do not comprehend the distinction between nephrologist and urologist, and refer to both as “kidney doctor.” I often educate these patients, explaining that a urologist is…

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