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Positive Crossmatch Need Not Stop Tx

SAN FRANCISCO—Many renal transplant candidates who have a positive AHG-CDC crossmatch can undergo successful transplantation, a new study suggests. The study showed that only 41% of recipients with weak AHG-CDC positive crossmatches have HLA-specific donor-specific antibody (DSA).

Drug May Reduce Proteinuria

SAN FRANCISCO—A new study found that converting from tacrolimus/sirolimus (TAC/SRL) to TAC/enteric-coated mycophenolic sodium (EC-MPS) may reduce proteinuria in renal transplant patients.

New Transplant Rules Issued

New regulations for organ transplantation issued by the Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS) emphasize survival rates and protecting the rights of living donors.

Hypertension in Renal Tx Recipients

Hypertension in Renal Tx Recipients

Hypertension is a common clinical problem in renal transplant patients, and it has important consequences for patient and graft survival. At five years after transplantation, more than 50% of patients have Stage I or Stage II hypertension and nearly 40% of patients have prehypertension.

Gallstone Disease in Renal Transplant Patients Defined

The incidence of gallstone disease in patients on a kidney transplantation waiting list is similar to that of the general population, but in transplant patients, the complications may be severe, researchers in Finland report. They recommend screening and treatment of pre- and post-transplantation gallstone disease.

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