Practice Management

Demystifying Medical Codes

For many doctors, coding, documentation and medical necessity are tedious administrative issues they would rather not have to worry about. Here are a handful of tips to correct common coding woes.

MD Recruiting: Finding the Right Fit

For nephrology practices bringing a new physician on board and physicians searching for a practice, success ultimately is measured in terms of establishing a long-term relationship that meets the most critical needs of all involved and results in a seamless integration of new clinical staff.

Implementing Electronic Records

The first part of this article, which appeared in the August issue, discussed the benefits of the electronic health record, how to decide whether it is justified for a particular practice, and how to select and purchase a system. This second part provides guidance for installation and implementation.

Electronic Records Boost Efficiency

An electronic health record (EHR) is an electronically stored documentation of a patient’s total medical history, including records from all sources—the clinician’s office, hospitals, other physicians, and pharmacies. The adoption of EHRs can transform your practice.

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