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Would you choose to become a doctor again?

Physicians in recent years have had to contend with growing caseloads, decreased face-to-face time with patients, shrinking reimbursements, HIPAA demands, and other hassles. In a survey of 3,897 physicians, to which 2,556 (65.6%) responded, 45% of doctors reported high levels of fatigue, according to findings published recently in Mayo Clinic Proceedings (2015;90:194-201).  Still, 71% expressed…

Where did you first learn about the business aspects of a medical practice?

The Business Aspects of a Medical Practice

Practicing physicians spend much of their time dealing with things that have nothing to do with direct patient care, such as coding, filling out forms, dealing with insurance companies, managing staff and other administrative responsibilities, following provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and so on. These are realities of daily practice…

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