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A Young Woman With Elevated Creatinine and Uric Acid

A 22-year-old Vietnamese woman was referred to the nephrology clinic for evaluation of elevated creatinine that was incidentally found on a laboratory check. She had a history of papillary thyroid cancer treated with a left thyroid lobectomy in 2017. She was currently in remission. She was found to have had hyperuricemia since high school. She said…

Burton Rose, MD

Ode to Burton ‘Bud’ Rose, MD

Like many of my colleagues, I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Dr Burton “Bud” Rose on April 24, 2020 at the age of 77 years. There were two important sides of Dr Rose:  First, he was well known in the nephrology community as an extremely modest, brilliant nephrologist who published 2…

Hyponatremia in a Thyroidectomy Patient

A 68-year-old woman with recent history of papillary thyroid cancer (Figure 1) underwent bilateral neck dissection and total thyroidectomy 3 months previously. Due to concern for residual cancer, she received radioactive iodine ablation (RAIA) therapy 1 week prior. Prior to RAIA, she was weaned off levothyroxine for several weeks. She had been observing a “low…

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