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A Patient With Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

A 32-year-old black man was referred to a nephrology clinic for proteinuria. He reported foamy urine for a few months. Urinalysis was positive for protein. He denied any family history of kidney diseases. He was not taking medications except for ibuprofen occasionally for headache. He denied use of tobacco or illicit drugs. Physical examination showed…

Figure 1. Patient's kidney biopsy images. Light microscopy showed focal glomerulosclerosis (A) and meningeal and endocapilary proliferation (B). Electron microscopy showed electron dense deposits in the meningeal region (C). The podocyte foot processes are well preserved.

A Case of Hematuria in a Young Woman

A 19-year-old Asian woman with no significant past medical history was referred to the nephrology clinic for hematuria. She noticed tea-colored urine 3 days after an upper respiratory illness. It lasted for 1 week. During that time, urinalysis showed 3+ blood, 1+ protein, >60 RBCs. Since then, she has had recurrent pink-tinged urine lasting a…

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