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Your search for pioglitazone returned 42 results

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Adrenocortical Carcinoma (ACC)

At a Glance Adrenocortical carcinomas (ACCs) are rare (1-2 per million population), aggressive tumors that may be functional (hormone secretory) and cause Cushing’s syndrome and/or virilization and present as an abdominal mass or incidental findings. ACCs can develop at any age, and there is a bimodal age distribution with disease peaks before 5 years of…
Endocrinology Metabolism

Diabetes Screening and Prevention

Should we screen for prediabetes and undiagnosed type 2 diabetes Prediabetes (also referred to, more accurately, as impaired glucose tolerance [IGT] and/or impaired fasting glucose [IFG]) and type 2 diabetes (defined in Table I) represent a pathophysiological and clinical continuum. Table I. Tests Impaired fasting glucose Impaired glucose tolerance Diabetes Fasting plasma glucose 100–125 mg/dl…
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