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Your search for hemodialysis returned 1892 results

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Incremental Hemodialysis Confers No Higher Death Risk

Incremental hemodialysis appears as safe as conventional hemodialysis with respect to death risk in appropriately selected patients, with data from randomized controlled trials suggesting that incremental hemodialysis reduced the likelihood of hospitalization.

Kidney Health Initiative Offers Promise, Unknowns

Many nephrologists and other healthcare providers (HCPs) have enthusiastically embraced the July 10 presidential executive order titled, “Advancing American Kidney Health Initiative.” The 3 main components include a reduction in the end-stage renal disease (ESRD) rate by 25% by 2030; a substantial increase in home dialysis so that 80% of new ESRD patients can receive…

The Hemodialysis Marathon Man

No matter how ordinary his life looks from the outside, though, Ed Strudwick, 67, is not a typical senior. Three times each week since February 1972 he has undergone hemodialysis, a nearly 36-year time span that could possibly make him the longest-surviving dialysis patient in the world.
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Controlling Volume in Hemodialysis

The standard goal of ultrafiltration (UF) is the achievement of "dry weight," defined as the lowest weight a patient can tolerate without intradialytic symptoms or hypotension.
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