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Implementing Electronic Records

The first part of this article, which appeared in the August issue, discussed the benefits of the electronic health record, how to decide whether it is justified for a particular practice, and how to select and purchase a system. This second part provides guidance for installation and implementation.

New Drug for Advanced RCC

CHICAGO—Pazopanib, a new oral angiogenesis inhibitor, may be effective in treating metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC), according to data from an ongoing phase II trial.

CRP Predicts Prostate Cancer Survival

CHICAGO—Elevated plasma levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) predict worse survival in patients with androgen-independent prostate cancer (AIPC) receiving docetaxel-based therapy, a study found.

Be Careful of the Hidden Traps of ETFs

Millions of investors have been racing to buy exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Like index mutual funds, ETFs track benchmarks, such as the Standard Poors 500-stock index. But ETFs trade constantly on stock exchanges, while mutual funds are priced once a day.

Essay Assails Local Standard Rule

Local standards of practice should be relegated to the horse-and-buggy era where they started. They can discourage advances in medical practice and place extra burdens on physicians, especially those who practice in more than one state.

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