Print Issue: October 01, 2008

Depressed Dialysis Patients Do Worse

Hemodialysis patients who are diagnosed with depression are nearly twice as likely to be hospitalized or die within one year compared with non-depressed hemodialysis patients, researchers found.

Public Projects Offer Opportunities

Visitors to the Beijing Olympics saw the products of a remarkable construction campaign: new highways, bridges, power plants, and airports. Seeking to develop their economy, the Chinese are racing to build modern infrastructure. China is hardly alone in its boom.

Biopsy Gleason Scores Often Wrong

Nearly one third of prostate tumors judged to have high Gleason scores at biopsy may be intermediate-risk cancers, a finding that could have implications for treatment decisions, according to Brazilian researchers.

Massachusetts High Court Expands Right to Sue

Doctors can be held liable for negligence even when the odds were against a patient’s survival in the first place, Massachusetts’ highest court has ruled. The decision marks the first time the state’s Supreme Judicial Court recognized “loss of chance” and opens the doors for more plaintiffs to seek damages.

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