Print Issue: March 01, 2012

Biomarkers Identify Acute Kidney Injury in Emergency Patients

In an international study of 1,635 emergency-department patients, urinary neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (uNGAL) was the most useful of five urinary biomarkers in predicting the severity and duration of acute kidney injury (AKI) at the time of hospital admission, with 81% specificity and 68% sensitivity at a cutoff of 104 ng/mL.

Dietary Calcium May Decrease Prostate Cancer Risk

Dietary calcium is associated with lower risk for prostate cancer (PCa), particularly among black men, and with a lower risk for high-grade prostate cancer among all men, according to a study involving 108 U.S. veterans with biopsy-positive prostate cancer, 161 biopsy-negative controls, and 237 healthy controls.

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