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Elderly LVH Patients Experience Rapid Kidney Function Decline

SGLT-2 Inhibitors for Type 2 Diabetes: Renal and Urinary Issues

This activity is provided by Haymarket Medical Education. Faculty George L. Bakris, MD, Professor of Medicine, Director, ASH Comprehensive Hypertension Center, Chicago, IL David Cherney, MD CM, PhD, FRCP(C), Associate Professor of Medicine – University of Toronto, Clinician Scientist – Division of Nephrology, University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaContinue Reading Release Date: December 10, 2015Expiration Date: December…

Endovascular Treatment Beats tPA Alone for Stroke Patients

Increased Carotid IMT, Early-Stage CKD Linked

Early-stage chronic kidney disease(CKD) may be an independent riskfactor for increased carotid intima-mediathickness (IMT), a biomarker ofatherosclerosis, according to findingspublished online in the Journal ofStroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases. In a study of 3,629 individualswithout clinical cardiovascular diseaseat baseline, Yu Wu, PhD, of BeijingTiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University,Beijing, China, and colleaguesfound that subjects with an estimatedglomerular…

Bladder Cancer Adjuvant Chemotherapy Support

Pure Urothelial Tumors May Predict Better NAC Response

Patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer (MIBC) are more likely to have acomplete pathologic response (pT0) to neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) ifthey have pure urothelial carcinomas rather than cancers with variant histologicfeatures or mixed tumors, a study found. Venkata K. Pokuri, MD, of Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY, andcolleagues studied 50 robotic cystectomy patients (median…

Man entering MRI machine

MRI Predicts Prostate Cancer Death Risk After Prostatectomy

Preoperative magnetic resonanceimaging (MRI) may be useful in predictingprostate cancer-specific mortality(PCSM) after radical prostatectomy(RP), according to Korean researchers.  Sungmin Woo, MD, and colleaguesat the Seoul National University studied318 patients who underwent MRI followedby RP. After a median follow-upof 104 months, 11 patients (3.5%) diedfrom prostate cancer.  Of the 318 patients, 104(32.7%) had clinically significant canceron…

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