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The Appeal of Funds that Hold Both Stocks and Bonds

During the bull market that ended in 2000, investors learned that stocks can deliver big returns—and sudden losses. Since then, there has been a new spirit of caution, and funds that once seemed stodgy have enjoyed renewed demand. These include balanced funds, which typically hold a mix of blue-chip stocks and relatively safe bonds.

Real Estate Investments Still Shine

Real estate investments of all kinds have soared. During the five years ending on September 30, the average real estate mutual fund returned 21.9% annually. Now, however, housing sales are slipping, and some analysts say that prices of office buildings and shopping centers may be peaking.

Weigh Pros and Cons of West Nile Screening

SAN FRANCISCO—Transplant centers need to weigh the pros and cons of screening solid organs for West Nile virus prior to transplantation, a Canadian researcher said here at the 46th annual Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

Urinary Schistosomiasis May Increase

SAN FRANCISCO—Urinary schistosomiasis is a common infection in sub-Saharan Africa and the Mideast, and more cases could surface in the United States because of greater international travel and immigration from those regions, according to an infectious disease specialist.

Thiazolidinediones May Increase Bone Loss

PHILADELPHIA—After 15-36 months, diabetics taking thiazolidinediones had increased bone loss at the hip and spine, according to data presented here at the 28th annual meeting of the American Society of Bone and Mineral Resesarch.

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