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Enlarged Prostate

Expanded Indications Approved for UroLift

FDA has approved new indicationsfor the UroLift System (NeoTract),a treatment for benign prostatichyperplasia that involves placement,via a minimally invasive procedure, ofpermanent implants that relieve prostaticobstruction and open the urethra.  UroLift is now approved for use inmen with an obstructive median lobeand men as young as 45 years. Previously,UroLift was contraindicated inpatients with an obstructive medianlobe…

high US prescribing levels of common drug linked to dementia

Palliative Care Common With HD Discontinuation

Most patients who discontinuehemodialysis (HD) prior to deathdo so with the aid of palliative careteams, researchers reported at the2018 Annual Dialysis Conference inOrlando, Florida. In a study of 262 adult patients whodiscontinued HD, Joy C.Y. Chen, MD,and colleagues at Mayo Clinic inRochester, Minnesota, found that 90 patients (34%) received palliative careconsultation within 6 months ofdeath…

Factors Affecting PAE Outcomes Identified

Initial prostate size and percentagereduction in prostate volume predictoutcomes among men who undergoprostatic artery embolization (PAE) forbenign prostatic obstruction, researchersreported online in Cardiovascularand Interventional Radiation.The findings are from a prospectivefollow-up study of 86 men whounderwent PAE, of whom 62 (72.1%)had achieved clinical success at 12months. Investigators Drew Maclean,MBChB, and colleagues at UniversityHospital Southampton in Southampton,UK,…

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