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Sextant Biopsy Alone May Miss Tumors

Prostate biopsies in men with a PSA level of 4.01-10.0 ng/mL and normal findings on digital rectal examination (DRE) should include lateral cores in addition to the sextant biopsy, according to investigators.

Lower PSAV Threshold Useful

SAN FRANCISCO—A PSA velocity (PSAV) threshold of 0.4 ng/mL per year can distinguish between clinically significant and insignificant prostate cancer, new data suggest.

Untreated PCa Seldom Fatal in Elderly

SAN FRANCISCO—Few elderly men with localized prostate cancer will die from the malignancy after 10 years even in treatment is delayed, so active surveillance for these patients may be a reasonable option, according to researchers.

MD Recruiting: Finding the Right Fit

For nephrology practices bringing a new physician on board and physicians searching for a practice, success ultimately is measured in terms of establishing a long-term relationship that meets the most critical needs of all involved and results in a seamless integration of new clinical staff.

Giant oil companies are a good defensive buy in today's economic environment.

Investing: Which Way Should You Turn?

It is a troubling time for investors, with both the economy and the stock market seemingly in a relentless decline. Many investors are fleeing the turmoil, moving to super-safe United States Treasury bonds. But Treasuries provide only modest returns. For better results, consider the following rock-solid investments that are suitable for even the most conservative investors.

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