May 2014 Issue of Renal And Urology News

May 2014 Issue of Renal And Urology News

May 2014

Nephrology Cover Articles

Kidney Function Decline Linked to Higher Protein Intake

Researchers observed the association in middle-age individuals in the general population.

Study: 24-Hour Urinalysis Key for Managing Stones

New findings show that urinary biochemical composition changes with age.

Acute Rejection Linked to Ketoconazole

When administered concomitantly with tacrolimus in kidney transplant patients, it hiked the risk of acute rejection by more than 2-fold.

Urology Cover Articles

MRI Improves Detection of Higher Risk Prostate Cancer

Magnetic resonance imaging can identify men more likely to harbor intermediate- and high-risk tumors.

Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance Safe Long Term

Patients are more than 9 times more likely to die from causes other than PCa, a new study shows.


Medicare Payments Exposed

For the first time, the federal CMS has made public a database showing what it pays out to individual physicians.

News in Brief

Post-Transplant Diabetes Risk Tied to BMI

The risk of new-onset diabetes after a kidney transplant increases along with pretransplant body mass index.

Kidney Remaining After Donor Nephrectomy Increases in Size

Increment in renal parenchymal volume occurs within days after a kidney is removed from a living donor.

Renal Mass Biopsy Seldom Used Pre-RCC Surgery

Only 17% and 20% of patients undergoing radical or partial nephrectomy, respectively, had a renal mass biopsy in advance of surgery.

Regular Aspirin Use Lowers Prostate Cancer (PCa) Risk

Regular use, and especially long-time regular use, of aspirin may decrease the risk of PCa overall and advanced PCa.

Uric Acid Lowering Has Renal Benefits

Patients with hyperuricemia who use urate-lowering therapies are less likely to experience renal function decline.

Statins May Improve RCC Surgery Outcomes

Statin use decreases the risk of disease progression after surgery for localized RCC.


Kidney Function Assessment: The Need for a Confirmatory Test

Confirmation of creatinine-based eGFR should be performed in select circumstances using, where appropriate, either measured GFR or cystatin C.

General News

Bone Turnover Biomarkers Predict CRPC Course

High levels are associated with worse survival, study finds.

Prolapse Procedures Show Comparable Efficacy

A study found similar surgical success rates with uterosacral ligament suspension and sacrospinous ligament fixation.

AKI Predictors in Lymphoma Patients Identified

Sepsis and diuretic and aminoglycoside use are among the factors associated with an increased risk of acute kidney injury.

Retinopathy in CKD Patients Predicts Higher Death Risk

Study reveals a greater than twofold increased risk of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality.

Dialysis and Low Creatinine a Bad Combo in AKI

In-hospital death risk is increased, a new study found.

Radiotherapy After Prostate Cancer Surgery Improves Outcomes

It is associated with a decreased risk of disease progression compared with a wait-and-see approach.

Study: Hemodialysis May Trigger Atrial Fibrillation

AF occurred more often on a dialysis day and especially during dialysis.

Urinary Incontinence Raises Depression Risk in Women

UI was associated with a 43% increased risk of probable depression and a 21% increased risk of work disability.

BPH Surgery Outcomes Worse for Older, Non-Caucasian Men

New study also suggests that low preoperative hematocrit and albumin levels predict adverse outcomes.

'Southern' Diet Increases CKD Patient Death Risk

Study reveals an association between mortality and high intake of items common found in the Southern diet, such as fried foods and sugar-sweetened beverages.

Osteoporosis May Be Present Before Prostate Cancer ADT

Danish study reveals a 10% prevalence of osteoporosis among men due to start androgen-deprivation therapy.

Novel Peyronie's Disease Treatment Shows Efficacy

Penile traction therapy reduced curvature and significantly improved erectile function and hardness.

OAB, SUI Worse After Vaginal Birth

Regardless of delivery type, obesity ups the risk of more severe urinary symptoms, study shows.

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