June 2018 Issue of Renal And Urology News

June 2018 Issue of Renal And Urology News

Renal & Urology News May-June 2018 Issue

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Nephrology Cover Articles

Organ Transplants Involving Overdose-Death Donors Increasing

The number of transplants in the United States involving organs from individuals who died from a drug overdose rose from 149 in 2000 to 3533 ...

Tolvaptan Cleared in US for ADPKD in Adults

Originally approved for hyponatremia, the medication is the first FDA-approved treatment for rapidly progressing autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease in adults.

Non-Narcotic Drug Superior for Emergency Renal Colic Management

In a study, initial treatment with ketorolac vs an opioid was associated with a shorter stay in the emergency department and lower likelihood of hospital ...

Urology Cover Articles

Metastatic Prostate Cancer at Diagnosis in Decline

Study documents a drop in the incidence of de novo metastatic PCa from 1980 to 2011 in the United States.

Testosterone Therapy Safe Despite Prostate Cancer History

Findings from the largest study to date examining the effect of TRT in prostate cancer patients build on previous evidence showing that the treatment does ...


Longer Dialysis Time and Patient Suffering

CMS also has upcoming plans to impose fiscal penalties related to dialysis treatment.

News in Brief

Medical Expulsive Therapy Fails to Improve Ureteral Stone Passage

In a large study, tamsulosin use was not associated with a significant improvement in spontaneous stone passage rates compared with placebo among patients with acute ...

Diabetic ESRD Linked to Elevated Fibrinogen

Patients with higher levels of serum fibrinogen have higher rates of progression.

Practice Management

Practices Face Challenges in Hiring Qualified Cybersecurity Personnel

Health care cybersecurity is an area with severe shortages.

General News

Kidney Stone Treatment Better With Ureterorenoscopy

For renal calculi 5 to 20 mm in diameter, treatment with flexible ureterorenoscopy was associated with higher stone-free and freedom from reintervention rates vs ESWL.

CKD Patients With Heart Failure May Not Benefit From ICDs

Study finds no difference in all-cause mortality among patients with chronic kidney disease and heart failure who received implantable cardioverter defibrillators and those who did ...

Anticoagulants Tied With Stroke, Hemorrhage in CKD

Study questions the efficacy and safety of prescribing anticoagulants to older patients with atrial fibrillation and nondialysis chronic kidney disease.

Bladder Cancer Mortality in Men Lower With 5-ARI Use

Use of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors before and after diagnosis of the malignancy is associated with a 15% and 22% decreased risk of bladder cancer mortality, respectively.

Outpatient AKI Is a Risk Factor for Death, Adverse Renal Outcomes

In the most comprehensive study of its kind, investigators find that acute kidney injury not requiring hospitalization is associated with a 90% increased mortality risk.

More Extensive Lymph Node Dissection in PCa Improves Outcomes

Study shows that the risk of recurrence after salvage radiotherapy is inversely related to the number of nodes resected at radical prostatectomy.

ADPKD-Related Kidney Failure Occurs Earlier in Non-Hispanic Blacks

Among patients younger than 40, the prevalence of end-stage renal disease secondary to ADPKD was 9.94% among non-Hispanic blacks vs 7.68% among non-Hispanic whites.

ADPKD Linked to Lower Mortality in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients

Among patients on peritoneal dialysis, the odds of death are 32% lower among those with vs without autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, meta-analysis finds.

Urea Found Safe and Effective for Hyponatremia

Treatment with a novel urea formulation that is available in the United States safely improves plasma sodium levels, small study shows.

Dusting vs Basketing During Ureteroscopy

According to the EDGE Research consortium, both techniques should be in the armamentarium of the urologist.

Predictors of Pediatric OAB Healing Time Identified

Thicker bladder wall and a tower-shaped curve on uroflowmetry are associated with shorter healing periods among pediatric patients with overactive bladder.

What a Building Contractor Taught Me About Informed Consent

Identifying a patient's preferences and goals leads to a care plan that can reflect those goals, and this may improve patient satisfaction.

Change in Red Blood Cell Distribution Width Tied With Mortality in HD

In a study, increases in red blood cell distribution width during the first year of dialysis was associated with greater risks for death.

Smoking Ups Bladder Cancer Risk, Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk

Men and women who smoke are at 2.3-fold and 2.7-fold increased risk of bladder cancer compared with non-smokers.

Kidney Stones Linked to Oral Antibiotics

Both younger age and more recent exposure to some antibiotics were associated with greater risks for kidney stones.

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