July 2017 Issue of Renal And Urology News

July 2017 Issue of Renal And Urology News

Renal & Urology News July-Aug 2017 Issue

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Nephrology Cover Articles

Guidelines for CKD Mineral and Bone Disorder Updated

Among other changes, the new KDIGO guidelines highlight the potential dangers of hypercalcemia.

Post-PCI Acute Kidney Injury Not Linked to Contrast Use

Myocardial infarction patients who underwent percutaneous coronary intervention had an AKI rate similar to those who did not have the procedure.

Glomerular Disease Differs Globally

International survey finds geographic variation in the subtype frequencies in biopsied patients.

Urology Cover Articles

First-Line Abiraterone-ADT Combo for Hormone-Naïve PCa Ups Survival

Addition of abiraterone to androgen deprivation therapy for patients with hormone-naïve advanced prostate cancer may be a new standard of care.

Hypogonadism Ups MetS Risk in Testicular Cancer Patients

Hypogonadal testicular cancer survivors had 15 times higher odds of metabolic syndrome than their eugonadal counterparts.

RP for Prostate Cancer May Not Offer Survival Advantage

Randomized trial found no significant difference in all-cause and cancer-specific survival between radical prostatectomy and observation for localized prostate cancer.

News in Brief

Bladder Cancer Patient Smoking Intensity Influences Survival

Patients smoking 1 or more packs of cigarettes per day had a higher risk of death compared with those who smoked less than 1.

Abiraterone Plus ADT Ups Prostate Cancer Patient Survival

The 3-year overall survival rate among prostate cancer patients starting long-term hormone therapy was 83% vs 76% for men receiving abiraterone plus ADT vs ADT ...

Low Tryptophan May Signal Diabetic Nephropathy

There was a significant association for Trp with the event of rapid decline in eGFR.

HD Catheters Linked With Highest Rate of Bloodstream Infections

Nearly 70% of access-related bloodstream infections occurred in hemodialysis patients with central venous catheters.

FDA Clears Betrixaban for VTE Prophylaxis

Fewer VTE events were observed in the betrixaban than enoxaparin arm.


To Divest or Not to Divest Your Physician Practice?

Evaluating Physician Practice Options in the Shifting Health Care Landscape Part 1

Editor's Letter

New AUA Guidelines Promise Better Care

To avoid CKD, the guidelines now provide detailed review of the risk/benefit profile comparing partial to radical nephrectomy.

Practice Management

Tips for Negotiating Payer Contracts

Providers need to analyze which procedures and services constitute a large portion of their practice.

General News

Men Need Better Understanding of PCa Genetic Test Results

Some men who undergo multigene testing for inherited prostate cancer misinterpret findings of variants of uncertain significance.

Nephrology Referrals May Not Benefit Elderly CKD Patients

Most elderly CKD patients ultimately will not require or desire renal replacement therapy.

Gout Patient Hospitalizations Soar

All-cause hospitalizations in the US increased 410% from 1993 to 2014 among gout sufferers compared with 4.8% in the general population.

Review Supports Sodium Thiosulfate Use for Calciphylaxis

Patients often received sodium thiosulfate with other therapies.

Erectile Dysfunction Risk Higher in Gout Patients

The risk for developing erectile dysfunction is 15% higher among men with than without gout.

Post-RP Radiotherapy Benefits Selected Men With Elevated PSA

Radiotherapy for prostate cancer patients with persistently elevated PSA after radical surgery improved survival only among those with worse pathologic characteristics.

CKD Linked to High Intake of Red, Processed Meat

Chronic kidney disease stage 3 is 23% more likely to develop in individuals in the highest versus lowest quintile of consumption of red and processed ...

Intensive Blood Pressure Reduction Benefits CKD Patients

CKD patients treated to a target systolic blood pressure of less than 120 mm Hg were 28% less likely to die early.

Negative Confirmatory Biopsy a Good Sign in Prostate Cancer AS

Prostate cancer patients on active surveillance who have no cancer found on confirmatory biopsy have a reduced risk of grade and volume reclassification.

Non-Dialysis CKD Patients With Anemia Have More CVD, Worse QoL

Anemic patients were 41% and 80% more likely to have coronary artery disease and peripheral artery disease than non-anemic patients.

Symptomatic Bladder Cancer Recurrence Linked With Worse Survival

Symptomatic recurrence was associated with a nearly 2-fold higher risk of death from the time of recurrence versus surveillance-detected recurrence.

Prostatic Urethral Lift Benefits Durable Out to 5 Years

Patients who underwent the minimally invasive procedure had a 36%, 50%, and 44% improvement in IPSS, quality of life, and peak flow rate, respectively, at ...

Radical Prostatectomy Use for High-Risk Prostate Cancer Rises Sharply

Over a 10-year period, radical prostatectomy use increased steadily while radiotherapy use declined

Optimal Iron Status for Hemodialysis Patients Reported

Japanese researchers conclude that a serum ferritin level below 90 ng/mL and TSAT of 20% or higher was optimal for achieving a hemoglobin level of ...

Ferritin Spike Soon After Hemodialysis Initiation Ups Mortality Risk

Up to a 49% higher risk of death observed in patients who had a 400 ng/mL increase in serum ferritin from baseline values compared with ...

Vasectomy Poses Minimal Risk of Prostate Cancer

Researchers calculated that the absolute increase in lifetime risk of prostate cancer associated with vasectomy was just 0.6%.

Add-on Sevelamer Therapy May Improve Hemodialysis Patient Survival

Use of sevelamer was associated with a 14% decreased risk of death compared with non-use.

Erectile Dysfunction May Predict Development of Parkinson's Disease

A new study found a 52% higher risk for the future development of Parkinson's disease among men with erectile dysfunction.

Proteomics Identifies CKD Predictors

The investigators assessed proteomic profiling of 80 proteins using a multiplex assay.

Women Less Likely to Initiate Hemodialysis With an AV Fistula

The odds of starting hemodialysis with an arteriovenous fistula are 31% lower for women compared with men.

Active Surveillance for Intermediate-Risk PCa May Be Unsafe

Nearly 1 in 3 patients diagnosed with Gleason 3+4 favorable intermediate-risk prostate cancer had their disease upgraded or upstaged at radical prostatectomy.

For Treating Uremic Pruritus, Evidence is Strongest for Gabapentin

Except for gabapentin, evidence for 38 other treatments is weak and limited by small studies with a high risk of bias, new review finds.

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