December 2018 Issue of Renal And Urology News

December 2018 Issue of Renal And Urology News

Renal & Urology News Nov-Dec 2018 Issue

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Nephrology Cover Articles

Religiosity Linked to Lower Kidney Failure Risk Among Blacks

Study finds that black adults in the Southeastern United States who report higher religiosity are at lower risk of end-stage kidney disease.

High-Dose IV Iron Anemia Therapy Safe in Hemodialysis

Randomized controlled trial finds no significant difference between high- and low-dose intravenous iron with respect to mortality, non-fatal cardiovascular outcomes, and infection.

Novel Acid-Binding Drug Effective for Metabolic Acidosis in CKD

A polymer that binds to hydrochloric acid in the GI tract and does not enter the systemic circulation significantly improved serum bicarbonate levels compared with ...

Urology Cover Articles

'Real-World' Study Characterizes PCa Active Surveillance

Findings from a large contemporary cohort of men on active surveillance for prostate cancer shows that disease characteristics, not socioeconomic factors, are driving prostate cancer ...

Prostate Cancer Linked to Greater Fat, Fatty Acid Intake

As stearic acid and total fatty acid intake increased from one quintile to the next, prostate risk increased by 23% and 21%, respectively.

Front-Line Combo Found Superior for Advanced RCC

Avelumab plus axitinib is associated with longer progression-free survival compared with sunitinib as first-line therapy in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma.


Should doctors answer calls for help in public places?

The professional obligation to promote the health and wellbeing of the members of society is central to the legitimacy and integrity of the profession.

The Rapidly Evolving Landscape for mRCC

Incredible progress is being made in kidney cancer treatment.

News in Brief

CKD Associated With Increased Inter-Arm BP Difference

Increased inter-arm difference in systolic blood pressure independently predicts development of chronic kidney disease in the general population, a new study suggests.

Recurrent Cystitis Possibly Preventable by Drinking More Water

During a 12-month study, women who drank 1.5 L of water daily in addition to their usual fluid intake reduced their mean number of cystitis ...

Heart Attack Risk After Stone Procedure Linked to Metabolic Syndrome

Myocardial infarction following the kidney stone procedure is twice as likely among patients with 3 to 4 components of metabolic syndrome vs no components.

Later-Stage RCC at Diagnosis Less Likely in Blacks

At the time of diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma, blacks had 33% lower odds of regional disease compared with whites, a new study found.

Practice Management

Putting Behavioral Economics to Work in Patient Care

The health care field is looking to behavioral economics because of the understanding that behavior is the 'final pathway through which all of our interventions ...

General News

Risk Factors for Bone Metastases at RCC Diagnosis Identified

Older age, male sex, and higher T stage are associated with an increased risk of having bone metastases at initial diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma, ...

Radical, Partial Nephrectomy Do Not Differ in Survival Outcomes

Propensity score-matched analysis shows that radical and partial nephrectomy for cT1 renal cell carcinoma are associated with similar cancer-specific and all-cause mortality, a study found.

Hemodialysis Patient Hip Fracture Risk Linked to PPIs

Use of proton pump inhibitors among patients on hemodialysis increased their risk of hip fractures by 19%, study finds.

Simple Clinical Factors May Aid Prognosis in nmCRPC

A combination of age, comorbidity, and PSA doubling time can risk stratify cause of death among men with non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, study suggests.

Dementia Not Linked to ADT for Prostate Cancer

In a study, androgen deprivation therapy did not increase risks for vascular or any other form of dementia among men with prostate cancer who underwent ...

Prostate Cancer ADT Ups Osteoporotic Fracture Risk

Among prostate cancer patients, androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) recipients are 34% more likely to experience any osteoporotic fracture than those who do not receive ADT.

LDR Brachytherapy for PCa Yields Excellent Outcomes

Long-term data show a local disease recurrence rate of 2.1% at 10 years.

Cardiovascular Event Risk in Dialysis Patients Higher Among Women

In the first year after starting dialysis, women have 16% increased odds of major adverse cardiovascular events compared with men.

Kidney Failure Risk Linked to Oxalate Excretion

Higher levels of urinary oxalate excretion in patients with chronic kidney disease are associated with an increased risk of end-stage renal disease and chronic kidney ...

Marijuana Use by CKD Patients May Hasten Renal Function Decline

Marijuana users with chronic kidney disease experienced a significantly greater annual decline in estimated glomerular filtration rate than non-users, study finds.

High FGF23 Increases Fall Risk in CKD

Highest vs lowest quartile of intact fibroblast growth factor 23 is associated with a 2-fold greater risk of a first fall in older patients.

Acute Kidney Injury Increases Dementia Risk

In a propensity score-matched analysis, AKI was associated with a 3.4-fold greater risk of dementia.

Home Hemodialysis May Offer Better Survival

A study of new dialysis patients showed that home hemodialysis was associated with a 23% decreased risk of death at 1 year compared with in-center ...

High Gout Burden Found Among Solid Organ Transplant Recipients

Study reveals an 11% prevalence of active gout among solid organ transplant recipients overall and a 13% prevalence among kidney transplant recipients.

Prostate Cancer Focal Ablation Can Be a Reasonable Option

Patient selection and physician-patient commitment to careful follow-up surveillance are key.

Abiraterone Outcomes Tied to NLR

For example, men with a baseline NLR below 2.5, patients who received abiraterone had a significant 28% decreased risk of death.

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