August 2013 Issue of Renal And Urology News

August 2013 Issue of Renal And Urology News

August 2013

Cover Articles

Discharge eGFR in AKI Patients Can Be Misleading

Calculations may fail to take into account the expected fall in creatinine due to loss of muscle mass.

Nomogram Helps Predict Lithotripsy Success

Kidney stone area and density and skin-to-stone distance predicted successful treatment.

IgA Nephropathy Patients Have Higher Death Rate

Study shows, however, that they are three times more likely to progress to end-stage renal disease than die.

Study: Testosterone Therapy Takes off Pounds

BMI and waist circumference declined in hypogonadal men treated with parenteral testosterone undecanoate.

Dialysis Patient CAD Burden Rising, Mortality Declining

Falling death rate could be explained in part by better cardiovascular care in the general population prior to dialysis.

FDG-PET Scans May Improve Prostate Cancer Management

Increased prostatic uptake of FDG is associated with a higher risk of Gleason 8 or higher disease.


Another Nutritional Warning: Omega-3s

Once again, a study offers evidence that one of the keys to good nutrition is avoiding excess.

Legal Issues

Forgotten Chart Note Leads to Lawsuit

A doctor forgot about his own note in a patient's chart that the patient should be screened for liver cancer.

Renal Nutrition Update

Mediterranean Diet Improves Health of CKD Patients

The Mediterranean diet is getting more attention because of its long-term benefits in terms of overall mortality and CVD risk.

Practice Management

Pay-For-Performance: A Changing Payment Paradigm

Fee-for-service will be a mainstay of reimbursement, but insurers may increasingly move toward a pay-for-performance model.

General News

Resistant Hypertension Responds to Renal Denervation

Data show sustained blood pressure reductions two years after the procedure.

Blood Pressure Rises Observed in Living Kidney Donors

Even blood pressure not considered hypertensive may reflect latent risk for adverse outcomes.

Immunosuppressive Drug Costs Decline, But Still Expensive

The annual per-patient cost for kidney transplant recipients dropped from $33,040 in 2007 to $18,746 in 2011.

Radiologic Insertion of Tenckhoff Catheters Offers Benefits

Peritoneal dialysis patients can undergo the procedure on an outpatient basis.

Algorithm Predicts Transfusion Risk in Dialysis Patients

It uses data commonly available in electronic health records.

Dialysis Patients Struggle to Restrict Dietary Phosphorus

The increasing popularity of processed convenience foods could be a factor.

THC Locks May Offer Edge to Dialysis Patients

In a small study, taurolidine-heparin-citrate locks improved bacteremia-free catheter survival versus heparin-only locks.

Dialysis Patient Death Risk Lower with Sevelamer

It significantly decreased cardiovascular and all-cause mortality compared with calcium carbonate.

Metastatic RCC Outcomes Worse with Bone Involvement

Bone metastases shorten progression-free and overall survival, study finds.

Small BP Declines After Hemodialysis Predict Better Survival

A 14 mm Hg decrease in systolic blood pressure was associated with the greatest survival.

Denosumab Delays Bone Mets in Non-Metastatic CRPC

The drug prolonged development of bone metastasis by a median of 7.2 months.

Finasteride Does Not Hike Risk of Fatal Prostate Cancer

Finding is based on an analysis of data from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study.

Prostate Cancer Risk Associated with Metabolic Factors

The presence of three or more components of the metabolic syndrome found to raise the odds of prostate cancer by 38%.

Prostate Cancer Surgery Outcomes Worse in Obese Men

Increased risk of intraoperative complications found in patients with a waist circumference of at least 102 cm.

Incontinence Surgery Techniques Offer Similar Outcomes

No significant difference in five-year outcomes found with outside-in and inside-out transobturator tension-free vaginal tape surgery.

Nephron-Sparing Surgery Cuts Risk of Moderate Renal Dysfunction

The beneficial impact of this approach on renal function does not improve survival, however.

Prostate Cancer ADT Found to Boost Acute Kidney Injury Risk

Acute kidney injury was most likely to develop in men receiving combined androgen blockade.

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