April 2018 Issue of Renal And Urology News

April 2018 Issue of Renal And Urology News

Renal & Urology News Mar-Apr 2018 Issue

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Nephrology Cover Articles

Copeptin Predicts Kidney Diseases

Elevated plasma levels of copeptin, a measure of vasopressin, are associated with an increased risk for chronic kidney disease and other kidney diseases.

Renal Replacement Therapy Trends in ADPKD Characterized

Patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) due to autosomal polycystic kidney disease are more likely to receive a kidney transplant than those with ESRD from ...

Pregnant Stone Formers Have Higher Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant women with vs without a history of nephrolithiasis are more likely to experience gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

Urology Cover Articles

Earlier Prostate Cancer Drug Use in CRPC Cuts Metastasis Risk

In separate studies, apalutamide and enzalutamide prolonged metastasis-free survival in men with non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Metastatic Kidney Cancer Outcomes Improved With Combined Therapy

Immunotherapy with atezolizumab plus targeted therapy with bevacizumab improves progression-free survival better than sunitinib in patients with untreated metastatic renal cell carcinoma.

Cytoreductive Nephrectomy May Up Survival in Papillary mRCC

Study reveals a 38% decreased risk of death in patients with papillary metastatic renal cell carcinoma who undergo cytoreductive nephrectomy vs those who do not.


Prostate Cancer Survival Metrics: A New Standard?

Effective clinical trial design and ultimately drug approval require careful consideration of the endpoints selected.

News in Brief

FDA Oks Drug for Non-metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

Apalutamide prolonged metastasis-free survival by 2 years compared with placebo.

Readmission Rates High for HD Patients After CVD Hospitalization

In a study, the 30-day readmission rate for hemodialysis patients hospitalized for cardiovascular events was 34.2%.

Nocturia in Men Linked to Metabolic Syndrome, Smoking

Metabolic syndrome and smoking are associated with 2.5- and 1.7-fold increased odds of moderate or severe nocturia in men with BPH/LUTS.

Practice Management

CROWNWeb Reporting Gets Up to Speed With Implementation of Dashboard

The CROWNWeb dashboard improves users' ability to submit required data in a timely manner.

Hiring Scribes, Delegating Tasks Can Help Ward Off Burnout

Among other factors, electronic medical records may be contributing to physician dissatisfaction because it leads to decreased face-to-face time with patients.

General News

Bladder Cancer Risk Higher in Urinary Stone Formers

Patients with versus without a history of urinary calculi had nearly 2-fold greater odds of bladder cancer, meta-analysis showed.

Aspirin Found Effective for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile function among men with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction improved significantly after 6 weeks of treatment with an aspirin dosage of 100 mg/day.

Ultra-low Contrast Volume May Protect Kidneys in Advanced CKD

No patient had a 25% or greater rise in serum creatinine 48 hours after receiving a median 13 mL of contrast for diagnostic coronary angiography, ...

Lymphoceles: A Contemporary Review and an Approach for Prevention

Investigators have explored various strategies to prevent lymphoceles from forming.

Kidney Failure, Death Tied With Elevated Uric Acid in CKD Patients

In a study, CKD patients with high trajectories of serum uric acid had nearly triple the risk for ESRD and 4.5 times the risk for ...

Statin Use May Improve Survival in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Statin use is associated with greater overall survival among men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer and improved survival among patients with high-risk prostate cancer.

Early Prostate Cancer Salvage ADT Therapy Better

Among men who had PSA failure following radiation therapy for localized PCa, those with a long PSA doubling time had an increased risk of PCa ...

Adverse Prostate Cancer Pathology Accurately Predicted With MRI

Multiparametric MRI has high positive and negative predictive values for extracapsular extension, seminal vesicle invasion, lymph node involvement, and high-risk Gleason score.

Pulmonary Hypertension Linked With Worse Prognosis in CKD, ESRD

Pulmonary hypertension in patients with any degree of renal insufficiency is associated with elevated risks of cardiovascular events and death.

Coronary Artery Calcification Risk Factors in CKD Identified

Abnormal calcium-phosphate metabolism appears to be an important pathogenic factor in the development of vascular calcification in patients with chronic kidney disease.

MRI May Help Cut Down on Unnecessary Prostate Biopsies

Multiparametic MRI findings added to conventional clinical predictors decreases the number of false-positive biopsy results without increasing the number of clinically significant tumors left undiagnosed, ...

Children With CKD Have Lower IQs

One possible explanation is that increased plasma levels of uremic solutes resulting from kidney disease may impair synaptic development.

Higher-Dose IV Iron Appears Safe in Dialysis

Dialysis patients receiving more or less than 200 mg per month of IV iron had similar risks of death, infection, cardiovascular disease, and hospitalization, meta-analysis ...

Advanced CKD Linked to Worse Radical Cystectomy Outcomes

In multivariable analyses, CKD stage G3b or higher was significantly associated with worse progression-free and cancer-specific survival.

Meropenem-vaborbactam Superior for Complicated UTIs

Overall treatment success occurred in 98.4% of patients receiving meropenem-vaborbactam vs 94% for those receiving piperacillin-tazobactam.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Does Not Raise CV Risks

A large study of middle-aged men found that testosterone replacement therapy is associated with a small but significant decrease in cardiovascular risk and an increased ...

Single PSA Screening Has No Effect on Prostate Cancer Mortality

Findings from a large study of men in the United Kingdom do not support single PSA testing for population-based screening.

Urgency Urinary Incontinence Linked to Previous Stroke

Individuals who had a stroke or transient ischemic attack at age 60 to 64 had a 2-fold higher risk of UUI at age 68 years, ...

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