At the 2013 American Urological Association meeting, we caught up with Drs. Allen Seftel and Serge Carrier after their debate on whether or not urologists should screen for cardiovascular disease and risk factors in patients with erectile dysfunction. Hear what they had to say in our latest installment of Point & Counterpoint.

Allen Seftel, MD, of Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ, discusses why he believes screening for cardiovascular disease is not “enigmatic” for urologists who are considering screening their erectile dysfunction patients.

Serge Carrier, MD
, of McGill University in Montreal, explains his position on why screening for cardiovascular disease is ineffective in patients with erectile dysfunction.

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While we understand that disease diagnosis and treatment varies between different groups of patients, we would nevertheless like to hear your opinion on this issue with the following poll.

Should ED patients be screened for cardiovascular disease and risks?