At the recent 2013 National Kidney Foundation meeting in Orlando, we caught up with Drs. Peter McCullough and Howard Fink after their “Principles of Disease Screening” panel to hear their thoughts on whether or not physicians should screen the population for chronic kidney disease (CKD) as well as what they thoughts its associated benefits and disadvantages.

Peter McCullough, MD, a cardiologist from the St. John Providence Health System in Detroit who specializes in CKD shared his thoughts on why patients should screen for CKD based on information gathered from the NKF KEEP program.

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Howard Fink, MD, a nephrologist with the Minneapolis VA Medical Center discusses why we shouldn’t screen for CKD based on a lack of timely research and inadequate proof of efficacy.

While we understand that disease diagnosis and treatment varies between different groups of patients, we would nevertheless like to hear your opinion on this issue with the following poll.