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The Coloplast Titan [0:05]

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DR EID: Coloplast has been involved in the manufacturing of inflatable penile prosthesis since 1973. So these devices that are being manufactured now ride on the shoulders of the previous devices. Because these devices have been on the market for so long, the reliability of these devices at this point is amazing.

[Data indicates that] ninety-five percent of the devices will be functional at 5 years and about 75 to 80 percent will be functional for the next 5 years as well. The devices that we’re performing now are much, much better: the tubing, connecting the cylinders to the pump is reinforced, the Bioflex material is extremely durable, the material of the pump is also very durable.

The devices nowadays are getting easier and easier to use. The TouchPump is very easy to manipulate. It’s truly a one-touch release from the erection, and the pump has a nice bounce to it. It’s quite easy to inflate and deflate.

Great axial rigidity [1:07]

DR EID: There are several types of cylinders. I find that the Coloplast Titan cylinders give a great axial rigidity. I can really tailor the cylinder to the patient. It comes in many, many different sizes. So having this flexibility to use the right size for the right patient is something that I really like.

The material — the Bioflex, it’s very durable — but also the device is tunica-dependent. In other words, it will continue to expand to the tunica albuginea. It is not limited by a mesh that will limit its expansion. So patients will get a much, much firmer erection. Now, in addition to that, the Coloplast cylinders give the penis a nicer, rounder appearance. And the reason for that is that when the device is inflated, the cylinders will touch each other on the midline. As this occurs, the urethra, which is below the cylinders, is pushed down, and it gives the shaft of the penis a rounder circumference and more natural look.

Soft, distal tip [2:17]

DR EID: The soft distal tip of the Coloplast cylinders has really been a godsend for the patients. It’s a much more natural feel. It’s more rounded, less likely to migrate more distally into the glans penis, and it’s something that is of great benefit to the patient.

One-touch compression [2:39]

DR EID: One of the great advancements over the last few years is the development of pumps that will release the fluid from the cylinders by one compression.The new Touch Pump is slightly bigger, and it’s very easy to deflate, very easy to palpate — there is a little raised nipple, which is also easily located for patients. And they learn to use this pump very, very quickly, and one session, in less than 15 minutes, most patients are able to deflate their devices.

Cloverleaf Reservoir [3:14]

DR EID: Another significant advance or improvement in the penile implants is the development of a reservoir with a lock-out valve. This has helped prevent auto-inflation. The Cloverleaf reservoir is smaller and even though a reservoir has a capacity of 125 cc’s of saline, I will underfill the reservoir and this will flatten the reservoir and make it much less palpable for the patient. So the Cloverleaf reservoir, not only is it smaller, but also it does not need to be filled.

Using the “No Touch Technique” to avoid infection [3:46]

DR EID: Skin bacteria that comes into contact with the devices are very benign. Infections are relatively uncommon. We feel that approximately we could number between 2 to 5 percent infection rate, an overall infection rate more perhaps towards the 2 percent rate. However, we also know that infections tend to be underreported.

When an infection occurs, the whole device needs to be removed. And what we find is by adding an extra step to the surgical regimen, including intravenous antibiotics, careful preparation of the skin with the alcohol chlorhexidine chemical, and in addition using an implant such as the Coloplast, an extra step is to use the “no touch” technique where the device is never really exposed either directly or indirectly with skin flora. Because skin bacteria are benign, the “no touch” technique makes a difference.

It makes a difference in that it takes you one other level and we’ve achieved an infection rate of 0.38 percent based on 2,336 consecutive penile implants since 2006 using the “no touch” technique in combination with the antibiotic-coated implants.

Why Coloplast? [5:04]

DR EID: Coloplast has been committed to steering the patients, or getting the patients to see the physicians that are the most qualified to do their penile implants. We know from previous studies that the majority of implants are actually performed by physicians that do between zero to three implants a year.

What Cololplast has done, it has really focused on the top penile implanters, and the majority of penile implanters that do a high volume actually use the Coloplast devices. Why? Because the device has been improved, the company listens to the doctors and are working as a team.

We’ve been able to actually improve the device over the long run. That is something that I really appreciate because not only does it serve the patients — and that’s our number one priority, to give the patient the best outcome — but also serves the physician, and over the long run, it will of course benefit the manufacturer of the device.

Patients have access to information nowadays through the website. There is a very nice website called where patients can log on and listen to men who have penile implants. There is a toll free number (1-866-233-9368) that patients can call for more information on the Coloplast penile implant.