Increasing percentages of interdialytic weight gain (IDWG) in hemodialysis patients are associated with increases in predialysis systolic BP (SBP) and SBP changes with hemodialysis.


Jula K. Inrig, MD, MHS, of Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C., and colleagues examined data from 32,295 dialysis sessions in 442 patients followed up for six months.

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After controlling for other significant predictors of SBP, each 1% increase in percentage of IDWG was associated with a 1 mm Hg increase in predialysis SBP and a 1.08 mm Hg increase in change in SBP with hemodialysis, the team reported in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases (2007;50:108-118).


The magnitude of the association between percentage of IDWG and predialysis SBP was less pronounced among patients with diabetes as the cause of end-stage renal disease, those with lower creatinine levels, and older patients. Dr. Inrig’s group concluded that “although overall volume status may impact on BP to a greater extent, day-to-day variations in weight gain have a modest role in BP increases in prevalent subjects with end-stage renal disease.”