Theraworx® Protect U-Pak (Avadim Health), a hygiene solution developed to address risk factors associated with recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), is now available in retail pharmacies. 

The U-Pak contains the Theraworx Protect for Daily Urinary Health foam and wipes that can be used for anal cleansing after bowel movements, daily cleansing to support menopausal health, catheter care, and cleansing before and after sexual intercourse. The skin cleansing agent combines a specialized surfactant with ingredients such as aloe, allantoin, vitamin E, and silver, the main antimicrobial ingredient.  

This is the Company’s second product offered under the Theraworx Protect brand, which was originally launched in 2015 and utilized by hospitals and long-term healthcare facilities. 

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“Theraworx Protect U-Pak addresses hygiene, an important risk factor for one of the most prevalent clinical bacterial infections in women,” said Steve Woody, Chairman and CEO of Avadim. “With antibiotic resistance being one of the biggest threats to global health, the hygiene solution U-Pak, when used daily, can be an important hygiene addition to help reduce risks associated with UTIs”

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