A study of a large multiethnic cohort found that African-American men had a higher prevalence of PSA screening than white and Latino men.

Researchers with Kaiser Permanente Southern California and Kaiser Permanente North California studied 55,278 men who participated in the California Men’s Health Study, which consists of a cohort established within these two health plans. Of the 55,278 men, 40,062 (72.5%) underwent PSA screening.

The prevalence of any PSA screening was 82.6% in African Americans, 73.7% in whites, and 64.8% in Latinos, according to a report in the American Journal of Managed Care (2009;15:793-799). Compared with white men, African-American men were 66% more likely to undergo PSA testing and Latino men were 11% less likely, after adjusting for confounders.

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Additionally, compared with men who had discussed PSA testing with a physician, those who did not were 79% less likely to get a PSA test. Men who indicated that they were extremely concerned about prostate cancer were 53% more likely to get screened than men who were not at all concerned.