Onset of statin use is associated with a significant reduction in serum PSA level, data suggest.

David J. Mener, MD, and colleagues at the University of Rochester/Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, N.Y., used computerized medical records to identify men who filled statin prescriptions between May 31, 2008 and September 30, 2008.

For their study, the researchers included 962 men who had at least one PSA test performed within two years before and at least one PSA test performed within one year after starting a statin. The mean serum PSA level decreased significantly by 0.29 ng/mL (8.04%) after the start of statin treatment, the investigators reported in The Prostate (2009; published online ahead of print).

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The authors noted that statins may be important to prostate cancer biology by inhibiting cell growth, inflammation, and oxidative stress.