Men who undergo prostate biopsy should be informed that the procedure can cause impaired voiding and transient erectile dysfunction, concluded Tobias Klein, MD, and colleagues in their study published online in The Journal of Urology.

The investigators randomized 198 patients with suspected prostate cancer to 10-core prostate biopsy with (71 men) or without (74 men) periprostatic nerve block, or to a 20-core saturation prostate biopsy with periprostatic nerve block (53 men with a history of negative prostate biopsy).

The International Prostate Symptom Score increased significantly in all patients at week 1; the increase persisted at weeks 4 and 12 after saturation biopsy. All groups experienced significantly lower International Index of Erectile Function scores at week 1—a decrease that persisted for both 10-core biopsy groups at week 4.

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