Local recurrence of prostate cancer (PCa) after radical prostatectomy is not always limited to anastomotic site, new findings suggest.

A study of 41 men with biopsy-confirmed recurrent PCa following RP and extended lymph node dissection showed that nine (22%) of them had histologically confirmed tumor deposits at the resection site of the vas deferens, according to an online report in BJU International. “This should be taken into account when considering adjuvant or salvage radiation therapy,” the authors wrote.

Thirty-one patients (76%) experienced recurrence at the anastomotic site, and one patient (2%) had recurrence in both sites.

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The investigators, Daniel P. Nguyen, MD, and others at the University of Berne in Berne, Switzerland, reviewed the site of local recurrence as assessed by computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.

The researchers found no significant difference in any of the clinical and pathological variables examined between patients with local recurrence at either site.