The U.S. Department of Defense/Prostate Cancer Research Program (DoD/PCRP) has awarded a $1.55 million grant to SRI International, a nonprofit research institute based in Menlo Park, Calif., to support product-driven, preclinical studies of novel agents that have the potential to become prostate cancer drugs.

“With support from an earlier DoD/PCRP Idea Development Award, SRI researchers developed a novel class of anticancer drugs derived from dietary indoles found in cruciferous vegetables that prevent prostate tumor cell proliferation, progression, and invasion,” the institute said in press release.

The novel lead compound, SRI13654, shows antitumor activity and disease control with few adverse effects at efficacious doses. “Early preclinical safety studies indicate that this class of bis-indole compounds holds potential to be better tolerated than many anticancer agents currently on the market,” the release stated.

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SRI’s Center for Cancer Research includes biologists and medicinal chemists with expertise in fundamental and applied cancer research. Through collaborative partnerships, the organization said, the center has been successful in generating an extensive drug pipeline translating discoveries into beneficial treatments.

Founded by Stanford University as Stanford Research Institute in 1946, SRI became independent in 1970.