Elevated levels of serum testosterone may promote formation of renal stones, researchers in India reported in the International Journal of Applied & Basic Medical Research (2016;6:241-244).

Kapil Gupta, PhD, and colleagues at the Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences and Research in Punjab, India, conducted a case-control study that included 108 men: 78 diagnosed with urolithiasis (cases) and 30 age-matched healthy controls. Mean levels of total serum testosterone and serum dihydrotestosterone were significantly higher in cases (5.52 ng/dL and 419 pg/mL, respectively) compared with controls (4.36 ng/dL and 300.1 pg/mL, respectively). Cases and controls were similar with respect to mean levels of free testosterone and serum estradiol levels as well as mean age and body mass index.

Dr Gupta’s group cited a previous report in which researchers concluded that testosterone appears to promote renal stone formation by suppressing renal osteopontin expression in the kidneys and increasing urinary oxalate excretion.

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