Lapascopic and percutaneouscryoablation for small renal masses areassociated with similar overall and recurrence-free 5-year survival, researchersreported online ahead of print in Urology.

A team led by Jihad H. Kaouk, MD,of the Center for Laparoscopic andRobotic Surgery, Glickman Urologicand Kidney Institute, ClevelandClinic, and colleagues analyzed datafrom 412 patients who underwentcryoablation for small renal massesfrom 1997 to 2012. Of these, 275underwent laparoscopic cryoablation(LCA) and 137 underwent percutaneouscryoablation (PCA). 

TheLCA group had a significantly longermedian follow-up time than the PCAgroup (4.41 vs. 3.15 years), according tothe investigators.The estimated probability of 5-yearoverall and recurrence-free survivalwas 89% and 79%, respectively, for theLCA group and 82% and 80%, respectively,for the PCA group, the investigatorsreported. The differences betweengroups were not statistically significant.

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