Shorter periods of strict bed rest after a renal biopsy can safely decrease patient discomfort, according to a Japanese study published in Clinical and Experimental Nephrology (2009; published online ahead of print).

Investigators at Mie University Graduate School of Medicine in Tsu, Mie Prefecture, compared two groups of renal biopsy patients: those who had two hours of strict bed rest with no abdominal bandage and patients who had seven hours of strict bed rest with an abdominal bandage.

The incidence of back pain requiring analgesics—the study’s primary outcome—was 7.5% in the two-hour group versus 21.1% in the seven-hour group. After adjusting for age, gender, perinephric hematoma size, and number of biopsy punctures, the two-hour group had a 66% reduced likelihood of back pain requiring analgesics. The researchers observed no increase in bleeding or other biopsy-related complications.

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