Radical and partial nephrectomyfor renal cell carcinoma are associatedwith a similar risk of end-stage renal disease (ESRD), according to astudy conducted in Taiwan. 

Wei-Yu Lin, MD, of Chang GungMemorial Hospital in Chiayi, andcolleagues studied a nationwidepopulation-based cohort of 7,670patients with RCC who underwentradical nephrectomy (RN) or partialnephrectomy (PN). From this group,the researchers propensity scorematched 1,212 PN patients to 2,424RN patients. The median follow-upfor this cohort was 48 months. 

ESRD developed in 70 patients(2.9%) in the RN group, for an incidencerate of 6.9 cases per 1,000person-years, and 23 patients (1.9%)in the PN group, for an incidencerate of 5.5 cases per 1,000 person-years,the researchers reported inPLOS One (2015;10:e0126965). Inadjusted analyses, the differencebetween treatment groups was notstatistically significant. 

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The authors stated that theirinvestigation is the first Asian studyon this topic.