Time to recurrence of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) after surgery is a significant predictor of cancer-specific survival (CSS), according to researchers.

In a study of 1,712 RCC patients who experienced disease recurrence during a median 50 months after surgery, the 1,402 patients who had early recurrence (five years or less after surgery) had a significantly reduced three-year CSS compared with the 310 patients who had late recurrence (more than five years after surgery (30% vs. 41%), investigators reported in BJU International (2013;112:909-916). If patients experienced recurrence more than 48 months after surgery, it was no longer significantly associated with reduced CSS.

The study, by Sabine D. Brookman-May, MD, of Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Campus Grosshadern, Munich, German, Matthias May, MD, of St. Elisabeth Hospital Straubing in Straubing, Germany, and colleagues, found that advanced age, male gender, larger tumor diameters, and lymphovascular invasion, advanced tumor stages, Fuhrman grade 3-4 tumors, and pN + stage are associated with early recurrence.

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