Desmopressin administered prior to percutaneous kidney biopsy decreases the risk of bleeding and hematoma size from the procedure, according to researchers.

Carlo Manno, MD, of the University of Bari in Bari, Italy, and colleagues compared administration of desmopressin (0.3 µg/kg) with placebo in 162 adult patients undergoing ultrasound-guided biopsy of native kidneys.

The investigators randomized 80 patients to receive desmopressin and 82 to receive placebo. Eleven (13.7%) desmopressin-treated patients experienced postbiopsy bleeding compared with 25 placebo recipients (30.5%), a significant difference between the groups that translated into a 55% decreased risk of bleeding in the desmopressin group, the researchers reported online in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases.

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Median hematoma size was significantly smaller in the desmopressin than the placebo group (208 vs. 380 mm2). The desmopressin-treated patients also had a significantly shorter mean hospital stay (4.9 vs. 5.9 days). Neither group experienced significant changes in postbiopsy hemoglobin levels.