(HealthDay News) — Vitamin E supplementation can reduce cisplatin (CDDP)-induced ototoxicity, according to a study published online in Head & Neck.

Veronica Villani, MD, PhD, from the Regina Elena Cancer Institute in Rome, and colleagues examined vitamin E supplementation as a protective agent against CDDP-induced ototoxicity. Twenty-three patients who were affected by solid malignancies and started CDDP were enrolled and randomly allocated to receive vitamin E supplementation at 400 mg per day (13 patients) or placebo (10 patients). At baseline, and after 1, 2, and 3 months, audiograms and evoked brainstem responses were obtained.

The researchers identified significant hearing loss at one month in the placebo group at both 2,000 HZ (right ear: P = 0.05; left ear: P = 0.04) and 8,000 HZ (right ear: P = 0.04; left ear: P = 0.03), compared with baseline values. There were no significant changes on audiograms. Evoked brainstem responses were unchanged in both arms at one month, with no significant between-group differences noted.

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“These preliminary findings confirm the neuroprotective properties of vitamin E against the CDDP-induced ototoxicity,” the authors write.


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