Photoselective vaporization of the prostate (PVP) provides long-term improvements in men suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia with obstruction.

Mahmood A. Hai, MD, of Oakwood Annapolis Hospital in Wayne, Mich., evaluated five-year outcomes among 246 such patients who underwent PVP at his institution. At five years, patients had an average American Urological Association symptom score of 5 compared with a score of 24 before treatment.

The average maximal flow rate increased from 8.6 mL/sec before treatment to 21.1 mL/sec, and postvoid residual urine volume decreased from 170 to 28 mL, Dr. Hai reported in Urology (2009;73:807-810). Nineteen patients were treated with repeat PVP because of re-obstruction due to large glands, and three underwent transurethral incision of the bladder neck, for an overall retreatment rate of 8.9%.

“The results of this study have established the long-term durability of PVP for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with obstruction, demonstrating sustained clinical effects similar to, or better than, those reported for other procedures,” Dr. Hai concluded.

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