Epinephrine injected into the prostate can be used to decrease blood loss during transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), according to researchers.

A team led by Alejandro Lira-Dale, MD, of Hospital General de Mexico in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico, divided 23 TURP patients into two groups. One group received intraoperative intraprostatic injections of epinephrine and the other group received intraoperative intraprostatic injections of a saline solution as placebo. The mean blood loss in the epinephrine group was significantly lower than that of the placebo arm (127.48 vs. 337.63 mL), the investigators reported online ahead of print in International Urology and Nephrology. The researchers observed no significant differences in mean resection time (40.9 vs. 45.1 minutes, respectively) or mean grams of resected tissue (14 vs. 26.2).

The authors noted that local epinephrine injection into tissue has been used in many specialties, including orthopedic surgery (where is used introperatively in arthroplasty) and gastroenterology (where it is used in actively bleeding ulcers).

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The study excluded patients with a past history of high blood pressure, heart disease, anticoagulant medications, treatment with 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors or urologic surgery within the previous three months, blood dyscrasia, genitourinary cancer, and urinary tract lithiasis.

The researchers noted that their study patients made up a highly selected population, which was a study limitation.