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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


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Aquablation, TURP Outcomes Similar at 1 Year

Randomized trial reveals no significant difference between Aquablation and TURP in improvements in lower urinary tract symptoms, peak urinary flow, and post-void residual volume.

Seminal Vesicle Problems May Be a PAE Complication

Seminal vesicle abnormalities may beamong the complications of prostaticartery embolization (PAE), according toa new report published in BMC Urology. In a review of 139 patients whounderwent PAE for benign prostatehyperplasia,Jin Long Zhang, MD, ofNan Kai University in Tianjin, China, andcolleagues identified 9 (6.5%) who hadseminal vesicle abnormalities detectedby magnetic resonance imaging.  Theabnormalities included subacute hemorrhagein…