Sorafenib treatment doubles progression-free survival in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma, regardless of whether they have received prior cytokine therapy.

Researchers conducted a subgroup analysis of 903 patients who participated in a placebo-controlled trial of sorafenib. Of these, 742 had prior cytokine therapy and 161 did not. Of the 451 patients who received sorafenib, 374 had prior cytokine therapy and 77 did not.

Progression-free survival was about 12 weeks in placebo recipients, 24 weeks in sorafenib-treated patients who had prior cytokine therapy, and 25 weeks in sorafenib recipients who did not receive therapy. Sorafenib-related adverse events were similar even if patients had prior cytokine therapy.

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The researchers reported their findings at the 22nd European Association of Urology Congress in Berlin.