Blogs can be a valuable tool to promote physician practices, according to an article published in Medical Economics.

According to the article, Bryan Vartabedian, M.D., a pediatric gastroenterologist from Texas Children’s Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, started his first blog to promote his book Colic Solved back in 2006. After seeing the benefits of online engagement and being visible to the public, he began another blog in 2008, “33 Charts,” which focuses on the issues physicians face at the intersection of technology and medicine.

In the article, Vartabedian stresses that consistently posting content is important to attract a following. For physicians who may not have the time to blog daily, there are other options. Other options include surrogate blogs or contributing to a hospital or medical center blog. Regardless of the ultimate location, Vartabedian cautions physicians to keep their blog entries brief, roughly 400 words.

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“The challenge with health topics is there is so much information online,” Vartabedian said, according to the Medical Economics article. “To create something that’s both compelling and unique is really difficult.”