ORLANDO—Iron-magnesium hydroxycarbonate (FMH), a novel phosphate binder, is effective in chronic hemodialysis patients, researchers reported here at the National Kidney Foundation 2007 Spring Clinical Meetings.


Chris W. McIntyre, MD, of Nottingham University in Derby, U.K., and his colleagues compared two dosages of the drug, which has the trade name Alpharen, with placebo in a double-blind, randomized study that enrolled 63 patients.

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Patients took the drug or placebo for three weeks. FMH 1 g three times daily reduced mean serum phosphate from 6.73 mg/dL at baseline to 5.32 mg/dL during treatment. FMH 2 g three times daily resulted in a significant reduction of mean serum phosphate from 6.70 to 4.55 mg/dL. FMH was well tolerated.