Hemodialysis (HD) is an independent risk factor for atherosclerosis in patents who have chronic renal failure (CRF), researchers reported in the North American Journal of Medicine Science (2012;4:77-80).

In a study of 78 CRF patients, those on HD had significantly greater carotid artery intima media thickness (CAIMT) than age- and sex-matched non-dialyzed CRF patients (mean 1136.3 vs. 959.3 µm), investigators at Burdwan Medical College in West Bengal, India, reported.

“Measurement of CAIMT has a value to diagnose the atherosclerosis in CRF patients on hemodialysis after traditional risk factors have been taken into consideration,” the authors concluded. “Aggressive control of modifiable risk factors may reduce the progression of atherosclerosis in hemodialysis patients because they are also independent risk factors of atherosclerosis.”

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