The new iPhone 6 Plus smartphone, which was released over the weekend, doesn’t fit properly in the front pocket of physician white coats.

In a blog post for iMedicalApps, Iltifat Husain, MD, of Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C., noted that he had trouble storing the larger device in his breast pocket.

“Both phones easily fit in your lower two pockets of your white coat,” he wrote, “But many, including me, store their phone in the breast pocket of a white coat, and need to make sure the phones would fit there.”

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The width of the iPhone 6 Plus is 0.71 cm, compared to the regular iPhone 6 which is 0.69 cm. While both new models are thinner than the iPhone 5S, Dr. Husain noted that the length of the smartphone is such that it “awkwardly juts out” when stored.

He advised physicians who are in the habit of storing their phones in the front pocket to opt for the regular sized iPhone 6, or to “get larger pockets”.