BOSTON—Pediatric renal graft survival has improved over time, researchers reported at the 2012 American Transplant Congress.

Dorry L. Segev, MD, and colleagues at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore analyzed graft survival among 16,266 patients younger than 18 years who received a kidney-only transplant from 1987 to 2010. One-, five, and 10-year graft survival was 80.9%, 58.3%, and 44.5% for transplants performed in 1987 compared with 93.4%, 73.6%, and 55.5% for transplants performed in 2010.

With each successive year, the risk of graft loss decreased by 4%, after adjusting for possible confounders. The researchers observed similar trends for both living and deceased donors. Graft survival improvements were significantly greater in the first year after transplantation compared with beyond one year. In the first year post-transplant, the risk of graft loss decreased by 8% with each successive year, whereas beyond one year, the risk decreased by 2% with each successive year.

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