Nephron sparing surgery (NSS) is safe and appropriate for all small renal cell carcinomas that develop in transplanted kidneys, according to researchers who concluded that the surgery is associated with good long-term functional and oncologic outcomes.

Xavier Tillou, MD, of CHU de Caen, France, and colleagues studied 43 patients who underwent NSS for de novo tumors in a renal allograft. Most of the tumors were clear cell (34.9%) and papillary carcinomas (52.1%), the investigators reported online ahead of print in the American Journal of Transplantation. Nine patients experienced postoperative complications. At last follow-up, 41 patients had a functional renal allograft and did not require dialysis. They had no long-term complications.

The mean time between transplantation and tumor diagnosis was 142.6 months. The mean age of the transplanted kidneys at the time of diagnosis was 47.5 years.

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