Particular variations of the CAV1 gene in a kidney donor may determine the success of a kidney transplant.

A new analysis uncovered significant differences in graft survival according to donor genotypes of CAV1, which has a role in tissue fibrosis and vascular proliferation.

In 785 kidney donors and their recipients in Birmingham, England, allograft failure rates were 38.6% for donor genotype AA, 22.3% for donor genotype CC, and 22.2% for donor genotype AC over a median follow-up of 81 months, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association (2010;303:1282-1287).

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In a second group of 697 donors and recipients in Belfast, Northern Ireland, followed for a median 69 months, graft failure rates were 67% when donors displayed genotype AA, 42% for donor genotype CC, and 44% for donor genotype AC.