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This image accompanies an article about how dialysis facilities are preparing to prevent infection with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Dialysis Facilities Confront COVID-19

Dialysis facilities have stepped up precautions to protect patients with kidney failure from COVID-19, which can cause severe respiratory illness and death.

Gout Medication Safe, Effective in Dialysis Patients

Febuxostat is safe and effective for treating gout in patients on dialysis, according to a new study. The study was a retrospective review of clinical and laboratory data from 62 dialysis patients (45 on hemodialysis and 17 on peritoneal dialysis) with gout treated with febuxostat. The mean serum uric acid level decreased significantly from 9.36…

Dialysis Modalities Found to Offer Similar Survival

Patients starting on peritoneal dialysis or in-center hemodialysis have similar mortality risks, according to a new systematic review and meta-analysis of studies using propensity score matching to compare mortality risks between the modalities.

Sleep Apnea Raises Death Risk in Advanced CKD, ESRD

The study expands on prior research by incorporating a larger more diverse CKD/ESRD population followed over a longer period, and it adjusted for several important confounders, such as kidney transplant status.
Hemodialysis Patients Face Higher Hip Fracture Risk

High Uric Acid Increases Death Risk in Peritoneal Dialysis

In patients on peritoneal dialysis, serum uric acid levels in the highest quintile are associated with a nearly 1.5-fold increased risk of all-cause mortality compared with levels in the third quintile, a study found.
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