Celebrate Nephmadness this month! Modeled after basketball’s March Madness tournament, Nephmadness is a fun competition for nephrologists, students, and other medical enthusiasts to promote spirited debate about important, new, and controversial topics in nephrology.

The theme of NephMadness 2015, hosted by the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, is nephrology’s connections with other specialties. Clinicians will find intriguing issues within Onconephrology, Genetic Nephrology, Infectious Diseases, Nutrition, and 4 more specialties.

Experts in each field have written about salient topics and posted their entries online for participants to score, comment, promote, and debate online and via social media using the hashtag #NephMadness. There are prizes too. Users fill out brackets predicting which concepts will win each matchup and receive points for accurate picks.

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The tournament is a chance to test your smarts and broaden your expertise in a fun and engaging way. So, what do you think about Statins in ESRD? How about Next Generation Sequencing? There are plenty of topics to stimulate.

Enter NephMadness now through March 22. A Blue Ribbon panel of judges will determine winners in each category.